the battle plan

The battle plan: I’m going to learn to love vegetables.

I’ve made a list of vegetables I don’t currently eat, which is most of them and is undoubtedly lacking since I thought fennel was a grain.

I’ve assigned one vegetable to each week from now until eternity (there are a lot of fucking vegetables out there), with summer vegetables in the summer and winter vegetables in the winter. Those are the only seasons we have in Atlanta.

I’ll shop for veggies on Sundays and start cooking on Mondays. If I like the vegetable on Monday then I can have the rest of the week to wax philosophical about whatever I want because this is my project and I’m making up the rules, but if I strike out Monday I’ll go again Tuesday with another recipe or idea.

The goal is to have discovered by Friday of each week at least one way to prepare that battle’s vegetable so it’s palatable and enjoyable and ultimately add it to my diet permanently.

The only vegetables not on the list, not going on the list, that will never, ever be on the list, up for discussion, etc, are onions. I’m happy to talk to you about this, learn all about how onions staved off a vampire attack on your dog, but they’re not going on the list. Onions are non-negotiable, they’re out.

If you’re new to JVV, here’s a quick primer on how all this got started:

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