waxing philosophical–jvv gets fancy

In my effort to put off eating turnips as long as possible (I have until the end of March, which is plenty of time) I decided to make muffins for dinner last night. This decision was informed not by a remarkable lack of food in the house (although there was a remarkable lack of food in the house) but by a family tradition of eating breakfast for supper when the day was too long and the night was too short to come up with anything better or more creative. And when there was a remarkable lack of food in the house. Continue reading “waxing philosophical–jvv gets fancy”


battle 25–snow peas–day 1

I must disclose to you two pieces of information about my snow peas meal before we get started: 1) I ate the peas, I liked them, I won them; and 2) I gagged, retched, and fought back puke all the way through dinner. Continue reading “battle 25–snow peas–day 1”