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  1. I can give you approximately 26 things to do with mushrooms because I love them like I love almost anything. Also, artichokes. When you find kohlrabi and JERUSALEM artichokes, will you take a picture for me? Because I *hear* that these things exist but I have never actually seen them. Like unicorns.

  2. Shut your mouth, unicorns are REAL.

    Photos are coming. I’ll try to limit the number of photos I include of me gagging…but I’m not making any promises.

  3. You could incorporate both zucchini and summer squash in a gratin… cheese, spices, breadcrumbs. Easy peasy, I’ve made them a couple of times this summer.

  4. As an annoying veggie lover, I have so many ideas for recipes. That said, you have to discover your own way when wading through a world you dislike. So my one suggestion is for parsnips–boil them and mash them into your mashed potatoes. They have a slightly sweet taste that just works well with the potatoes. Quite yummy.

    Good luck!

    1. Jenny, I LOVE this idea. It’s the best idea I’ve heard yet. I’ll let you know how it goes during parsnips week.

  5. You cannot learn to like vegetables. You are my grand daughter, and as such, your genes dictate that you are a carnivore. Give up, there’s nothing you can do about it. Pigs can’t fly. Love, G. Daddy

    1. I should definitely clarify that I have no intentions of becoming a vegetarian. No way. I plan to cook as many veggies as possible in lard and hamhock and whatever other pig-y, meat items I can get my hands on. This is just an exercise in trying to find a wider variety of side items to go with my meat.
      Love you.

  6. I just discovered that butternut squash is on for 12/20 week. That’s TERRIFIC because I have a GREAT recipe that will be PERFECT for Christmas dinner! It will fool you into thinking it’s sweet potatoes…..and that would be a good thing!

    It’s also good that artichokes are the next week. They are best in a yummy dip with lots of cheese and spinach, which I notice is not on the list!

  7. I’m here by way of whatsyourpe.com.

    Sorry Jessica, but I have to disagree about mushrooms. DON’T EAT THEM IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM! They aren’t even vegetables! They taste like licking the walls in a moldy basement! Don’t doooooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! They don’t even have any nutritional value except for some flippin’ protein, and you can’t that in much more enjoyable packages. Like fried chicken.

    1. They are definitely not a vegetable, so I largely discounted mushroom week, but…I…ate….them….anyway…agh….(note: portabellas, definitely akin to licking walls). Still, stuffing them with meat and cheese didn’t kill me.

  8. JBP – I am sooo proud of you! I have lots of fabulous recipes for many of your vegetables above. I will forward you some. You can stuff your peppers the same way you did your mushrooms. Go with red or yellow – they are sweeter. Green ones are nasty (and I LOVE vegetables).

    1. Hijackieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
      Send what you’ve got, I’ll definitely try it, but I, sigh, also have to try the green ones, even if they’re shitty. Them’s the rules.

  9. Approach green peppers with caution….they seem stronger to me when cooked, so I would avoid that. They’re palatable when raw dipped (heavily dipped!) into ranch dip.
    Red & yellow are yummy…..also good dipped in Ranch!

  10. Just discovered this gem of a blog. And have multiple swiss chard recipes when you decide to revisit. I’m so proud of your quest to consume veggies.


  11. Rhubarb? What’s wrong with you? Did Gomer Pyle have editing rights? Even my Granma, who makes a killer rhubarb pie, says that its only function is to give the sugar something to stick to…

  12. Thanks to Twitter, I found your blog: so hilarious! I spent my life hating raw tomatoes (people eating them like apples from their garden? Please I must excuse myself to vomit…). Then (since they were in everything; it was survival, really) I slowly learned to like, even love them. But I still hate olives FOREVER!

    I checked out your list & maybe grilling the summer squash will make you like it. I’ve done that on our grill pan and you can get it to caramelize which could squash the taste enough to fool you. Maybe. Also I just found a recipe for zucchini pancakes, which might be terrible, But with syrup, it seems promising. Also making a mozzarella-sun-dried-tomato pizza w/ arugula on Friday. If those sound of interest for Aug/Sept, let me know and I’ll send on the recipes. But I like vegetables, so don’t listen to me.

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