battle 9–day um–er

So, here’s what happened to kohlrabi week: Admittedly, I went to the farmer’s market by myself again, and admittedly, I couldn’t find what I was looking for….again. In my defense, no one has ever even heard of kohlrabi and I’ve had three people helping me track it down on the Internet and in real life and we still haven’t found it or even really figured out what it is. Apparently, it is a vegetable, but that’s all we know.

In the meantime, I’m moving up beets…ugh…and am going to….gag… I can’t even finish that sentence, but, sigh, welcome to beet week.

I just picked up beets from the store and am still trying to figure out how to make them palatable (note: beet mousse, out; beet sangria, in), so until I work all that out, I’m pretending it’s still last week and am having some waxing philosophical time. This week’s topic: My new favorite blog, PROJECT 29 to 30. Meet Steph, new blogger extraordinaire. Steph is chronicling her challenge to do between her 29th birthday and her 30th birthday 365 things she’s never done before. I love this project.

Steph also has great hair.

Also, the one time I wrote and posted this from work, my boss walked in and saw me doing it. Hi, Scott. Remember all the reasons you love me before you fire me. Start with my hair.

7 thoughts on “battle 9–day um–er

  1. Beets???????? What happened to Julie and Bethany Beet Tuesday??? You can’t start changing shit like that.

  2. Beets are gross. Not sure I can support a beet lover. I may just point and laugh. Maybe I’ll skip this week completely and head over to Project 29 to 30 and come back next week for collards πŸ™‚

  3. My parents grew kohlrabi in our vegetable garden one summer when I was somewhere around 6-8 years old. My brother and I spent that summer sneaking it away from the dinner table and into a variety of hiding places around the house. My parents never grew kohlrabi again.

    You aren’t missing anything Julie!
    Btw, did I mention that I LOVE your blog?!

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