winning matters

I think I’m going to stop apologizing for being such an effing slacker. It’s minus 27 degrees outside right now (translation: 34 degrees) and that should be reason enough to never have to do anything ever. Once the weather warms up and I come out of hibernation we’ll kick this back into high gear, but while we’re experiencing frigid, Arctic temperatures here (translation: it’s sort of cool, we haven’t had any snow, and Sunday was even kind of balmy) I think we should just all count on JVV being kind of unreliable.

Now that we’ve all lowered our expectations we can get back to the business of winning shit. Is my perpetual winningness annoying? I didn’t think so either (obviously) but we were at a friend’s house last night for Family Fun Night with games, and of course I was winning, when David said to me, “You know, you don’t make this very enjoyable for the rest of us.”

Really? You mean losing blows? Ferfucksake, I know that, that’s why I win shit. But in the spirit of not always being a self-righteous asshole (who wins everything, always…always), I will concede this much: I have been stumped recently by an ugly, ugly, hateful green vegetable and I may or may not have to admit defeat for the first time. Maybe. No promises.

3 thoughts on “winning matters

  1. Frigid:
    1. very cold in temperature: a frigid climate.
    2. without warmth of feeling; without ardor or enthusiasm: a frigid reaction to the suggested law.
    3. stiff or formal: a welcome that was polite but frigid.
    4. (of a woman)
    a. inhibited in the ability to experience sexual excitement during sexual activity.
    b. unresponsive to sexual advances or stimuli.
    5. unemotional or unimaginative; lacking passion, sympathy, or sensitivity: a correct, but frigid presentation.

    Frigid Zone
    the part of the Earth’s surface forming a cap over a pole; characterized by frigid climate [syn: Frigid Zone, polar zone]

    North Frigid Zone
    the regions north of the Arctic Circle centered on the North Pole

    North Pole
    90° Lat

    Arctic Circle
    60° Lat

    Decatur, GA:
    33.774828° Lat, -84.296312°

    Thus, not Frigid…

    just sayin 🙂

  2. Oh, look at me. I can go to dictionary dot com and try to make my friend look like an asshole. I’m all high and mighty.

    By the way, when you’re searching that dictionary, you should be taking notes, because you can’t spell for shit.

    Total comment burn!

    Julie, get back to work.

  3. So its too cold to cook and write? Two activities that occur indoors?

    I’ve been to your house. You have central heating. I saw the vents.

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