if you stop this fight i’ll kill you–rocky balboa

Yesterday I told David what the title to my most recent post was and he said, “So I guess you’re not cooking vegetables anymore, huh?”  To which I huffed dramatically and responded, “You’re such a naysayer! You just made the blog!” But I didn’t necessarily answer his question or promise to re-commit myself in any discernible way to eating vegetables again anytime soon.

But today I woke up with a renewed sense of purpose that had absolutely nothing to do with him goading me and I went to the farmers’ market and bought one of every single vegetable I’ve won so far (within reason, winter root vegetables aren’t in season…) and every vegetable I have left on the list. This week, I’m going to lock me in my kitchen and have a cage match fight to the death with all those assholes. If blogs could sing, mine would be belting out Eye of the Tiger right now.

4 thoughts on “if you stop this fight i’ll kill you–rocky balboa

  1. Julie–I am glad that you’re back and have enjoyed your latest entires. I’ve been in a bit of a blog slump myself, we should talk.

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