battle 28–yams–day 2

It’s still yam week, but I haven’t cooked any yams yet because I haven’t found a volunteer to go to the farmers’ market with me to root out the authentic Library of Congress science nerd version of the real thing. I had been doing well at the farmers’ market lately, navigating the imposing bins with ease, but on my most recent trip I went in search of a rutabaga and wound up in the check-out line with a tap root. I thought maybe tap root was just special farmers’ market code language for rutabaga, but I asked just in case. The cashier didn’t even blink.
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battle 28–yams–day 1, void

It’s yam time. When I saw yams were next on the list I finally thought I must have been smoking crack when I put this list together, because aren’t yams winter-y? And haven’t we established that spring has sprung? And then I thought, isn’t yam just another word for sweet potato (which I handily defeated in the fall)? Like how corn and maize are kind of the same thing. Aren’t they? I wasn’t really sure about any of this so I decided not to wholly abandon yams until I had consulted an authoritative source, like…my parents, the people who instilled in me absolutely no values about eating fresh food.  Naturally. Continue reading “battle 28–yams–day 1, void”

waxing philosophical–jvv gets fancy

In my effort to put off eating turnips as long as possible (I have until the end of March, which is plenty of time) I decided to make muffins for dinner last night. This decision was informed not by a remarkable lack of food in the house (although there was a remarkable lack of food in the house) but by a family tradition of eating breakfast for supper when the day was too long and the night was too short to come up with anything better or more creative. And when there was a remarkable lack of food in the house. Continue reading “waxing philosophical–jvv gets fancy”